Real Name: Helios Reinaldo Martínez Domínguez
Gender: Male
Location of Residence: Caracas, Venezuela.


My incoming into this realm takes place beyond time, eternally. My mother also is my daughter, as she is translant in nature (time traveler) and came back to meet me and carry myself into her womb prior to her own birth. Daughter of my twin sister, also her mother. I myself am my own father and son. Born within the boundaries of this planetary system, between Poseidon (Neptune) and Gaia (Earth), into ingravity water birth conditions. As a newborn was refered to a family related to space and science studying, as my origins trace forward in time as well as in space and the dangers of remaining with my mother were increasing due to persecution and constant attacks due to ignorance and fear of her being of translant nature and hyperior capabilities. Distanced from my mother since few days as a newborn, i learned deep wisdom related to life, creation and evolution. Adopted by a second family i was initiated into harmony and rythm, as my first adoptive family was getting too old to keep me with them as a child, and rise me while still alive. Stolen from my second family by violent methods, i was brought to a foreing country while still young, simulating the ilusion of a family around me while making me feel totally out of context and defensive. Risen into an aparently normal christian family, was kept exploited laborally and tryed to be insolated and manipulated, due to increased capabilities aviable to me that were to be taken for diminishing and a source of advantage for them. Asleep hypnosis intents were taken on account and implemented, unsuccesfully, during growing. Recent exocutural contact awakened memories related to my real origins and history, while contacted my with my real mother after all this years. Increased capabilities got me to climb highly onto earth hierarchy while envy and fear from my stoling "family" tryes to destroy my work and physical integrity. Meditation and excercise allowed me to resist and compassionate on their activities while increasing my own love and power over the totallity of beings, including them. Magic guided us to meet, my gorgeus beautyful twin sister and me, as we felt in love right away just seeing at each other, so profoundly, it still remains as our main motto in existence and keeps us from being destroyed or intimidated by fearful ignorants that keep trying to insulate and separate each other from being toghether, proactive, satisfied and comfortable.